How Shower Water Is Ruining Your Hair

by Stephanie Montes

Showering daily is necessary (obviously!) but who knew something so good could actually be bad for your hair? Chances are, your showerhead is spewing out hard water—a cocktail of dissolved minerals, calcium, magnesium and manganese—which is drying out your strands and even ruining your color. Luckily, Riawna Capri, hairstylist and co-owner of Nine Zero One salon in West Hollywood, has a few tips for updating your suds session for the better. Now you can resume your regular shower schedule and have great hair without the damage.

Really, how bad is hard water for your hair? “Hard water contains rust, chlorine and iron which is horrible for hair—it strips the shaft of natural oils and dries it leaving behind brittle, split ends. It also affects the color of your hair due to the iron and rust particles from steel piping which makes your hair super brassy.”

Is there a way to filter your shower water? “Yes, the Raindrops showerhead filter uses a 6-step filtration process to remove the harmful components and turn it into fresh, clean water. The coconut shells in the Raindrops system remove chlorine and odor, plus increases the pH balance of the water.”

Are there any shampoo tips for fighting unfiltered water? “If you don’t have a filter in your shower, it’s best to use a good clarifying shampoo—it helps to remove buildup from hairspray, styling products or any harsh sediments in your shower water.”

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