Hairstyles That Look Amazing On Women Of Every Age

by Stephanie Montes

Because our hair is an extension of our faces (and, often, our style), it’s important that we see it as a tool to make our best features shine—no matter what stage of life you’re in. Yes, just like the wrong eye shadow or lip color can make for an unflattering effect, the same can be said about our hairstyles. While most trendy hairstyles can be tricky to pull off, there are a handful that not only look amazing on women of every age, they make what you’re working with look even better. Ahead, the five hairstyles every woman should keep in rotation to look her best, whether you’re just starting college or you’re enjoying that retirement life.

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The Super-Tight Ponytail

Consider this an instant facelift in a hair tie. The super-tight, sleek, pulled-back ponytail gives your features an instant lift. When you get bored of the ponytail, consider an equally sleek bun or braid.

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The Blowout

We don't care what anybody says, but a shiny blowout is enough to put anybody in a good mood. No matter how old you are or what your hair currently looks like, a blowout will be that extra boost of confidence you need.

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Bangs are the perfect refresher to any hairstyle you currently have and the options are endless. Whether you go with wispy French-girl curtain bangs or full-on blunt fringe, not only do they frame your face nicely, they're a secret weapon for hiding forehead wrinkles (in case you're dealing with those already).

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The Deep Side Part

No matter what decade you're in (though we typically start seeing thinning in our 40s and 50s), we can all use some more volume up top. A deep side part creates the illusion of thicker, fuller hair in seconds. Already have a side part? Switch it to the other side. Trust us, it makes all the difference.

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Old-Hollywood Waves

Speaking of thicker-looking hair, big, bouncy waves throughout will make your locks look voluminous and give the illusion of longer hair. Perfect for a night out, this look is a classic (and foolproof) option for women of every age.