Hair Repair 101: The Best Products For Every Type Of Hair Damage

To quote the Biebs, is it too late now to say sorry (to our hair)? We’ve gone brunette, we’ve gone blonde(r), we’ve even gone a bit green. Our flat irons have been turned up to a sizzling 450 degrees, and our strands have played a little too hard both in the ocean and under the sun. If you’re anything like us, you’ve learned the hard way that, eventually, your hair transgressions will catch up with you. But you can officially call off the SOS, because we’ve rounded up the most indulgently restorative masks and leave-ins to soothe every hair woe and coax your locks back into a happy, healthy condition.

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Rehab Your Hair

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For The Dye Job Addict

The Issue: Whether you've been striving to be the fairest of them all or you simply can't resist experimenting with the latest shade du jour, odds are the integrity of your hair has been, well, compromised. Color processes typically work by lifting the cuticle and breaking down pigment. You may end up with the hue you covet—but at the cost of brittle, frizz-prone strands and breakage.

The Fix: Reconstructive, keratin-infused formulas will be your savior. They rebuild hair from the inside out, and as each fiber regains its strength, split ends will heal and the cuticle will be restored, resulting in smoother, shinier locks.

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For The Serial Heat Styler

The Issue: Simply put, heat styling equals dry hair. The more often you blast the blow dryer, the greater the risk of ending up with parched strands. As hair becomes drier, it loses its luster, the hair shaft becomes weaker and split ends start to make a perfect hair day near impossible to achieve.

The Fix: Apply a lushly hydrating leave-in after cleansing hair—this will add an extra layer of protection before reaching for that flat iron (we'll go ahead and assume you're using a proper heat protectant as well). To keep locks nourished and strong, indulge in a moisturizing, oil-based mask at least once a week. And of course, the best advice will always be to give your heat tools a rest every now and then and let your hair dry au naturel.

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For The Beach Babe

The Issue: We love a good ocean-side session as much as the next Cali girl, but all that beach bumming eventually takes a toll on your hair. You’d never venture out sans sunscreen for your skin, right? Well, those UV rays do a number on your strands too, leaving them coarse, brittle and lackluster.

The Fix: A UV-defensive formula that offers protection against color fading is crucial. Make sure your leave-in or mask is also packed with plenty of moisturizing ingredients, like coconut oil and vitamin E, since sun-damaged hair needs all the hydrating help it can get.

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For The Girl With Curls

The Issue: Unless you got Carrie Bradshaw to spill her secrets for flawless curls, it's likely that your ringlets and waves have given you their fair share of trouble. The crux of the problem lies in the fact that curly hair has a tendency to be drier than other hair types, and it doesn't help that many curl-enhancing products contain alcohol, further dehydrating hair by depleting strands of their natural moisture.

The Fix: Stay away from silicone- and alcohol-based formulas, which weigh curls down and leave them parched. Opt for creamy formulas enriched with replenishing butters, like cupuaçu and cacao butters—for those with natural hair types, shea butter is an especially restorative ingredient. And instead of reaching for any old towel to dry curls, be sure to use one with a plush texture to avoid sapping away too much moisture and to help prevent frizz.