3 Versatile 5-Minute Hairstyles To Try This Month

by Stephanie Montes

These days, we pack snacks in our handbags, gym essentials in our cars and vanity staples in our desk drawers. Needless to say, we’re busy, and we don’t think it’s too much to ask our hair to work just as hard as we do. Because it would be impossible to schedule time to swap our beauty look between events, we’re rounding up three hairstyles that look amazing no matter where your day takes you. Oh! And don’t worry, none of these require more than five minutes to create—because for some people, five minutes is a lot to spare.

Homepage photo: @chiaraferragni


The Cute Topknot

We've seen the topknot on ladies everywhere, from running errands to brunch to the red carpet. The truth is, we can't think of a more versatile hairstyle. The too-cool-to-care but never-too-messy bun keeps hair tidy when bopping around town and can look polished when paired with an evening gown.

Get The Look

A teasing brush is the only tool you need to get the perfect topknot (in fact, that's the beauty of this look). Brush hair into a sleek, high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Use the stiff bristles to tease the base of your pony for added volume before wrapping it into the perfect bun.


The Flirty Ponytail

The slightly undone and super voluminous pony is equal parts flirty and practical. Whether you're headed to Pilates or meeting the girls for lunch, the off-duty style looks cool without ever looking sloppy.

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The secret to achieving a pony that doesn't fall flat is all in the texture. Apply a texturizing spray from roots to tips and massage it in using a scrunching motion. Loosely secure hair into a high ponytail and add more texturizing spray to the shaft for extra staying power.


The Sporty Boxer Braids

A pair of boxer braids looks amazing any day of the week—and if you sleep on a silk pillowcase, this style can last you almost that long. We love that it's completely bulletproof in the gym and keeps the hair out of your face when you have a weekend agenda packed with picking up dry cleaning and doing your grocery shopping.

Get The Look

Make your already-versatile hairstyle work overtime when you apply a leave-in conditioner before braiding. You'll look cute and your hair will get a full day of conditioning.