This New Hair Dye Changes Color On Its Own—You Have To See It

Dyeing your strands can be one of the most experimental and fun beauty processes. Exemplified by the slew of color trends that constantly blow up on social media, the options are officially endless. We never thought we’d see the day when hair dye can actually change into different colors, but one data visualization scientist just came up with the remarkable technology to make it happen.

Lauren Bowker runs the science-inspired art house The Unseen, and Dazed reports that her skills have driven her to formulate color-shifting hair dye. The dye, dubbed Fire, is a big step in hair-pigment technology and is basically like a mood ring for your hair. The way it works is fairly simple: When either hot or cool temperatures reach the dyed strands, the chemical bonds in the formula react to give them a different color. The transformation switches the hair from fiery red and orange tones to much cooler red and brown ones. According to The Unseen’s website, the dye will make its debut during certain yet-to-be-announced fashion shows this season. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for the official runway debut and update you if the product becomes available for purchase. Take a look at the video below to see the color switch in action.