These Are The 8 Hair Color Trends Taking Over Instagram Right Now

by Stephanie Montes

When it comes to beauty trends, Instagram has a way of creating a trickle-up effect. Contouring, for example, experienced a rise and (slow) fall on our feeds. Trends like wire nails started with a hashtag and ended up gracing some of the hottest runways in the world. Currently, the biggest hair color trends are getting an Insta influx. While the names sound almost comical—cream soda, cinnamon fade, fallayage—the shades are no joke. Ahead, feast your eyes on eight looks taking over social media right now.


Cider And Spice

Perfect for this time of year, this look is as warm and winter-ready as the name suggests. The key to achieving the perfect balayage is to work in different tones of blonde, including the warmer (almost red) shades. Ask your stylist to paint the brightest pieces on top and around the face.



In as literal an interpretation as a hairstylist can make, this look takes inspiration from a childhood favorite: the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Thick '90s-esque highlights of peanut butter shades are woven between strands of purple—making for a 'gram-worthy composition. Though we're not sure we'd actually go this purple in real life, with a few tweaks it could be the perfect winter refresh.


Vanilla Milkshake

It may look a lot like your average ombré, but vanilla milkshake hair has its own blend of dark-to-light strands. While the ends are lightened to the blondest blonde, the roots are kept natural for a more lived-in look.


Root Beer

This one goes out to our brunettes. Root beer hair is a way to update your look without having to fully commit. Subtle ribbons of warm red tints add dimension and warmth while still keeping your hair dark.


Champagne Bronde

We've heard the term bronde (that middle ground between brown and blonde), and champagne bronde is its cool sister. Australian hairstylist Kaitlin Jade said that while champagne bronde is light—if you look close enough, you can see strands of white—it "just appears darker through the depth of its tones." Think of it as a lived-in platinum blonde.


Cream Soda

As seen on celebrities like Hailey Baldwin and Elisabeth Moss, cream soda blonde is the creamiest golden shade for fall. Packed with lowlights of beige-browns and super-warm gold tones, the rich result works for blondes and brunettes alike. LA hairstylist Sunnie Brook said this shade "creates a sort of glow around the face." We see it, and we want it.



Not to be confused with balayage, fallayage features ribbons of honey, maple and other fall-inspired hues. Since hair naturally lightens during summer months, this low-maintenance method puts the warmth back into dull locks.


Cinnamon Fade

We knew red would be a huge hair trend for fall, but we didn't know it would be cleverly dubbed cinnamon fade. Colorist Christine Silverman said the shade is achieved by enriching old highlights with an earthy red gloss. The result is a subtle glow that warms up everything just in time for cooler weather.