Easy Hairstyles To Wear To Work (That Won’t Make You Late)

by Stephanie Montes

Whether you hit the snooze button one too many times or you simply are not the morning type, getting to work on time is difficult enough without having to worry about spending hours on your beauty look. Don’t worry, we’re here for you. We rounded up 5 easy hairstyles—one for every day of the work week—that look beautiful and take seconds to create. Now you can look pulled together and spend more time worrying about the important stuff, you know, like working your way up to that corner office.


Hair You Don't Have To Work Too Hard For


Braid Brigade

Trust us, a sleek, simple ponytail braid is more impactful than you think. Don’t believe us? Pair the look with a tailored pencil skirt and some statement earrings. Eh? Told you!


Do The Twist

Go ahead, skip the wash this morning. Spritz a little dry shampoo then twist front sections of hair and secure them at the back of your head. It takes under a minute and no one has to know you’re working with dirty hair.


Ride The Wave

Don’t think you have time to create a head of silky waves? Think again. Before you go to bed, pull hair into a low ponytail and secure with a wide, fabric-covered elastic. Tie another elastic 2 inches below the first one and continue until the entire length is covered. In the morning let hair loose and smooth with a frizz-eliminating serum.


Take A Bow

We don't mind the midweek (aka lazy-day) ponytail but dressing it up with a ladylike bow makes all the difference. The best part? You can even throw it on as you're walking into the office.


Twist And Shout

Afraid to step up to the plait? This faux twist on the classic braid couldn’t be easier (or faster to create). Split your ponytail in half and twist both sides clockwise. Now twist those together in a counterclockwise direction and secure with an elastic.