7 Easy Hairstyles To Master By Your 30s

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Once we reach our 30s, our schedules are packed with more weddings, baby showers and other ceremonial events than we can count. There comes a point when repeating the same ‘do for said occasions gets old and it’s time to try something new. That’s why we’re setting you up with a cache of go-to styles to choose from—all are easy to achieve yourself. Ahead, seven simple and chic looks to master by the time you hit 30.

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Crown Braid

A popular trend on Instagram and Pinterest, the crown braid is officially a classic. You can wear it to work, to brunch or to an evening soiree.

Styling tip: Begin the plait around the crown of the head, then twist the ends and tuck in with pins.

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Soft Pony

Perfect for low-maintenance girls who shy away from a super-sleek 'do, the look can be customized with natural texture, added waves, a fresh blowout—you name it.

Styling tip: When tying your hair into a pony, leave out a few strands at the front for an undone look.

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Half Braid

Our editor in chief, Rachel Zoe, has owned this boho-chic stunner for years. One single side braid transforms a parted style into a more modern look.

Styling tip: After braiding, use a curling wand to add waves and volume to the rest of your hair.

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Elegant Topknot

A high, polished bun will never go out of style. Perfect for keeping things in place, this look can go from day to night without a touch-up.

Styling tip: Form a ponytail first and tease it with a brush to amplify your strands before wrapping them into a bun.

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Single Braid

Braids are always a hot topic. For a sophisticated take on the trending style, stick to a single cascading version straight down the middle.

Styling tip: Apply a hair pomade prior to braiding for control and to keep flyaways down throughout the day.


Sleek Low Bun

It's a demure and versatile choice—dress it up or down.

Styling tip: Use a flat iron to straighten your strands prior to twisting them into a bun.

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Classic Waves

A sea of waves looks good on everyone, regardless of the length or thickness of your hair. Whether you prefer Old Hollywood glam or an undone beach vibe, this one is easy to accomplish.

Styling tip: Choose a curling wand with a barrel size appropriate for your hair length, and finish things off with a spritz of wave spray.