Models At The Chanel Show Literally Had Their Hair Vacuumed For This Gorgeous Ponytail

Chanel may have wowed onlookers with its new collection and waterfall-themed setting today as it wrapped up Paris Fashion Week, but it was the beauty look worn by the show’s models that had our newsroom abuzz. Complementing the Perspex boots, bucket hats and raincoats were futuristic ponytails placed into clear acrylic tubing. Considering the inches and volume of hair, we bet you’re wondering how on earth stylists managed to get the models’ strands into the anything-but-ordinary accessories.

Hair pro Sam McKnight filmed the backstage scene for Instagram of course, and we were surprised to learn each model had her hair placed into a vacuum. Yes, each girl’s ponytail was put into an actual vacuum pipe in order to get the clear tubing on just right. Don’t worry though, the process was done safely and nobody’s locks were sacrificed. Take a look at the action below.