The Best Celebrity Hair Transformations Of 2016

by Stephanie Montes

As we head into 2017, we’ve started to consider all the changes we want to make, resolutions to keep and beauty routines to adopt. As long as we’re investing in a new-year-new-you sensibility, we might as well throw a fresh ‘do into the mix. Thankfully, numerous celebs have given us fodder for inspiration, color, shape and length throughout 2016. Here, some of the best hair transformations of the past year, all of which can be used as deciding factors in choosing a new coif.

Kylie Jenner, November 2016

While Kylie pulled off platinum locks just as flawlessly as Kim did, we think dark hair suits her best.

Bella Hadid, October 2016

With or without bangs, it's no secret that Bella is a beauty. But, a fringe—although faux—gives us French vibes, and we like it.

Zoë Kravitz, October 2016

Is it just us, or was Zoë born to be a blonde? Either way, we love that she didn't ditch the braids.

Chrissy Teigen, September 2017

While Chrissy was just (very) temporarily experimenting with this curly style with pal Jen Atkin, this look makes her seem even more exotic. We give it a 10.

Hailey Baldwin, August 2016

We're really digging this homage to the popular 90's haircut: The Rachel. Seriously!

Selena Gomez, July 2016

Oh, Selena, we love the before as much as we do the after. But, embracing your natural hair texture isn't just a trend for 2017, it's also so damn pretty.

Emma Roberts, June 2016

A chameleon, indeed. We love this cropped blonde 'do on Emma.

Khloe Kardashian, June 2016

Whether a chop, or the purge of extensions, Khloe's short hair is as refreshing as it is inspiring.