The Products You Need To Air-Dry Your Hair The Right Way

Air-drying your hair sounds a lot easier than it actually is. While we’d all love to hop out of the shower and go about our day, there are steps we must take to ensure we look nonchalant rather than downright sloppy. Different hair types require different routines, and we’ve compiled a shopping guide that addresses each of them. Here, every essential you need to air-dry your tresses the right way. Let us know which ones you’ve tried and loved in the comments below.

How To Air-Dry Your Hair The Right Way

Fine Hair

Thin strands need products that won't weigh them down. Consider a lightweight mist as leave-in conditioner, followed by a smooth detangling brush and texturizing spray to add some volume.

Thick, Textured Hair

Your hair doesn't need to look 10 times thicker after it dries naturally. Try an anti-frizz leave-in treatment once you hop out of the shower, followed by a wet detangling brush. To style, opt for a mousse that will accentuate your natural texture.

Curly Hair

Spirals can look perfect after air-drying. A leave-in conditioner is essential, as curly hair absorbs moisture quickly (which can lead to frizz). A wide-tooth comb will ensure safe detangling with no pulling or breakage. Proactively prevent flyaways with a styling wax, pomade or gel.

Color-Treated Hair

Coloring your strands shouldn't make you feel guilty about the condition of your hair. Use products that will strengthen your locks—a color-enhancing moisturizer, a safe detangling comb and a color protector for when you step outside.

Dry Hair

Air-drying can help restore brittle, delicate strands. Be sure to use a reparative leave-in treatment, a detangling brush with gentle bristles and a vitamin-rich styling product.