These Are The Internet’s Favorite Hairbrushes

by Stephanie Montes
Ivan Lattuada/IMAXtree.com

At this point, you know not all hair brushes are created equal, but how do you know if the ones in your bathroom drawer are actually the best on the market? We tapped sales and review tracker Rank and Style for the most-loved hair brushes on the internet. Here, the ones you should own, because they’re the best on the internet—and you deserve the best.


Hairbrush Must-Haves

#10: Sonia Kashuk Hair Brush

Reminiscent of the famous luxury Mason Pearson hair brush, this Sonia Kashuk version weighs in at under $16.

#9: Phillips Monstervent Brush

The vents in this round brush make drying hair much faster and the huge barrel gives you tons of volume, just like the blowouts you pay big bucks for at a salon.

#8: Spornette Little Wonder Brush

This 2-sided teasing brush makes creating sections and back combing so easy. Use the pointed end to create straight parts and the other to give you a major lift at the root.

#7: Tangle Teaser The Original Detangling Brush

Perfect for all hair types, this flexible-bristle brush removes all tangles in wet or dry hair without all the breakage.

#6: Denman Medium Classic Styling Brush 7 Row

This hairstylist-approved brush boasts an anti-static rubber pad and nylon pin-style bristles. Basically, frizzy hair days are a thing of the past.

#5: Fromm 1907 Square Thermal Rounder Brush

Round brushes have nothing on this square-shaped barrel, which is perfect for creating loose waves and for straightening hair.

#4: GHD Paddle Brush

A big paddle brush is perfect for smoothing and detangling dry hair quickly. These flexible bristles is are gentle on stubborn knots, which means less damage and breakage.

#3: Ibiza Hair B3 Blonde Extended Cork Round Brush

Best for fine hair and processed blondes, these bristles are gentle enough to reduce damage but can also create the best curls or waves.

#2: Y.S. Park G-Series Curl Shine Styler Round Brush

These heat-resistant bristles allow you to blow-dry your hair more often without as much heat damage—and they give your hair the best shine.

#1: Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Nylon And Boar Bristle Brush

Not that we're surprised but if you ever needed proof that this brush was worth the pretty penny, here it is. The nylon and boar bristles distribute natural oils for an incredible shine and exfoliate and stimulate the hair follicles to keep hair healthy.