This Product Will Make Your Hair The Softest It’s Ever Been


You know those girls with perfect, shiny hair? Yeah, we all do. Well, here's some news: There's a strong chance they weren't born with it. In fact, a diligent routine is probably behind those flawless tresses. And behind every solid hair regimen is a hair mask. Trust us, we know that adding an extra step to anything in life can seem daunting, but don't you want the softest, shiniest hair of your life? We thought so. But just like every other hair product, hair masks aren't all meant to be used on every hair type and you don't want to use the wrong one, as that can have an adverse effect. We've broken down the best ones for every hair type so that you can get the glossy locks you deserve.

For Dry Hair

Your scalp may not be able to produce oil as naturally as others, in turn leaving you with both dry roots and strands. Shea butter is an excellent ingredient for quenching and moisturizing dry, brittle tresses and helping retain that moisture. Leave this mask on for about 5-10 minutes after shampooing, or for 45 minutes if you want more of a deep conditioning treatment. You'll notice a difference in the overall state of your hair in no time.

For Oily Hair

On the other hand, some of you may have a scalp that produces too much oil and leaves you with noticeably greasy strands. If you're a fan of clay masks for your skin, then you'll be amazed at what they can do for oily hair. This pre-shampoo clay mask absorbs excess oil and purifies the scalp from any dirt and buildup. Once you incorporate this into your routine, you can say goodbye to the days of having to desperately spray dry shampoo to cover up oil.

For Color-Treated Hair

Dyeing your hair puts your strands through a lot of work. As much as you try to protect it, you hair will face some sort of breakage, and it's important that you treat it well. This hair mask was designed to restore and repair hair that's been damaged from color-treating, heat or physical strain. It begins to work its magic in as little as five minutes.

For Fine, Thin Hair

The most important factor in treating thin hair is making sure that it doesn't get weighed down. As much as you'd like to help it appear fuller and more voluminous, using the wrong hair mask could do the exact opposite. This lightweight formula helps strengthen hair to become 20 times more resistant to damage. It also improves shine and texture after five minutes of use.

For Thick, Wavy Hair

Thick hair can often come with its fair share of tangles and frizz, but not with this hair mask. Jen Atkin created Ouai's Treatment Masque with artichoke leaf extract for an intensive moisturizing formula. It helps mend any split ends you may be dealing with, and makes it so much easier to brush your hair out with ease and zero damage.

For Curly Hair

Girls with curly hair understand how easy it is for moisture to be stripped from their hair. In order to maintain a bountiful head of curls, moisture and hydration are key and masks are essential. This one is filled with argan oil to help improve the hair's texture. elasticity and manageability, all while adding shine. It was specifically designed for thicker, curlier hair and immediate hydration.

For Coily Hair

Coiled hair needs a good amount of moisture as well. This curly-girl favorite is known for its long-lasting moisture, protection, shine and softening powers. As the brand puts it, the result is "silky hair that's easy to manage and style."