6 Life-Changing Hair Hacks We Learned This Year

by Stephanie Montes

A lot can happen in a year—so to jog your memory (and ours), we’re rounding up the best hair hacks we learned in 2016. From getting rid of dandruff in the most genius way to an out-of-the-box trick for combatting frizz, these are your mane takeaways from the past 12 months. Grab a glass of wine, take notes and toast to what is sure to be an upcoming good-hair year.


Hair Goals

Vanessa Jackman

Use Makeup Primer To Combat Frizz

We stumbled upon this hack on one rainy morning when we put makeup primer in our hair after accidentally squeezing too much from the tube. Our hair felt silky smooth and the style didn't budge all day. Primer contains silicone, an ingredient commonly used in hair products to create a smooth surface. And while some might argue it clogs pores and follicles, we believe everything is okay in moderation.

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Salt Spray + Space Buns = Beachy Waves

If you're feeling particularly rushed in the morning, spritz on a salt spray from the middle to ends of your hair, twist up two buns and let it work its magic while you drive to the office. Disclaimer: You may elicit stares when stopped at red lights, but this is the quickest way to get texturized, beachy waves on the go.

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Credit Johanna Siring of MATTE Projects for Nicole Miller

Cut Your Hair Dry

We all know our hair looks a lot different when it's wet. Cutting it dry allows your stylist to shape it with your natural texture in mind. This is especially game-changing for curly and wavy hair types.

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Adam Katz Sinding

Dry Your Hair With A T-Shirt

Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan tells us, "Drying your hair with a traditional towel is the easiest way to ruin it—harsh fibers can damage your strands. Instead use an old cotton T-shirt to gently squeeze out moisture from the hair post shower."

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Try A Fishtail Braid To Keep Layers Neat

Anyone with layers or short hair knows that a braid is close to impossible to keep in place all night. It seems like the second you walk out of the house, pieces are already falling out in all directions. Celeb hairstylist Justine Marjan created a bubble fishtail braid on Olivia Culpo with accents of gold between plaits, and it's the answer to securing unruly strands.

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Cure Dandruff With Aspirin

If you've ever dealt with dandruff, you know it's difficult to get rid of. Hairstylist Sascha Breuer shared the best tip ever when she told us, "Ditch dandruff and lock in luster by crushing aspirin into your shampoo. It contains salicylic acid, which targets product residue and dead skin cells that accumulate on the scalp."

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