The Best Dry Shampoos For Every Hair Color

Dry shampoo can be a major savior or a risky business, depending on your hair color—white streaks are an unwelcome side effect for even the blondest of blondes. But brands have heard our woes and are offering products that freshen up every shade without dulling shine or leaving dandruff-like residue. Now you can cut your own prep routine in half with a dry cleanser that works with your color. Find our favorite options ahead.


Stress-Free Cleansing

Blondes are wary of dry shampoos that dull the radiance of their hair. These lightweight formulas keep golden tones intact and require minimal brushing time.

Traditional dry shampoos tend to be white, but streaks and dandruff-like residue aren't a good look. These dark-toned sprays are the way to go.

Vibrancy is key, and these illuminating formulas highlight red tones without leaving patchy evidence.