The Best Drugstore Shampoos According To Your Hair Type


Every girl loves a luxe shampoo, but we can’t all spring for one on the regular. For those of us who’d rather not break the bank when it comes to caring for our tresses, drugstore formulas have officially reached expert-worthy levels. No matter your hair type, there’s an affordable option that will improve the health and pump up the vibrance of your mane. Here, we’ve gathered our current favorites that address every concern. Lather, rinse and repeat—stress-free.


Fine Hair

Thin strands can be seriously dragged down by the wrong products. Opt for a weightless thickening shampoo for much-needed volume.


Thick Hair

Stick to a hydrating formula to avoid frizz and keep strands smooth.


Oily Hair

If your hair gets greasy quickly, product can build up along your roots. A purifying shampoo will rid you of residue and keep your strands looking fresh.


Color-Treated Hair

Colored hair needs extra love, especially if it's ever touched bleach. A shampoo dedicated to lifting color vibrancy and adding moisture is key for maintaining your color.


Curly Hair

Your strands need a lot of moisture to thrive, and curl-activating ingredients will take spirals to the next level. Creamy formulas work best to keep hair healthy.


Coarse Hair

Natural ingredients penetrate the scalp and add silkiness to each strand. A moisture-rich shampoo will make styling so much easier.