The Best Detanglers According To Your Hair Type

We consider ourselves to be pretty diligent about our hair-care routine, from picking out the right pre-shampoo to making our very own masks. But it’s that crucial post-shower step that often trips us up—brushing our freshly cleansed hair. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. When hair is wet, it’s especially fragile, and when it’s wet and tangled, well, trying to work a brush through it is akin to showing up to your spray-tan appointment with a face full of makeup. In other words, major beauty blunder. That’s why incorporating a detangler into your routine is essential. It’ll make strands more manageable and provide a conditioning layer so the comb glides through easily. Translation: less damage and breakage. Here, we’ve rounded up must-have formulas tailored to every hair type, from curly kinks to lackluster locks. Because not all knots are created equal.


Tangle-Free Tresses, Right This Way

Frizzy Hair

Soft-as-silk strands are the ultimate in #hairgoals, but for frizzy locks, they're often a wistful dream. Enter this luxe leave-in serum enriched with actual silk proteins to tame and smooth coarse hair while improving flexibility for effortless detangling and touchable texture.


The girl with the curls already has her cleansing—or rather, her anti-cleansing—routine down to a science, and she knows that ringlets need an extra rush of moisture at every step. This botanical-rich formula contains chamomile, lemongrass, balm mint and rosemary extracts to condition curls for gentle detangling without breakage. As the name indicates, skip the brush and use your fingers to glide through curls and coax out knots.

Heat-Styled Hair

If you’ve got your blow-dryer and flat iron at the ready, this is the ultimate detangler to reach for. Its thermal protective formula is infused with reparative amino acids to strengthen the hair fiber, while an exclusive detangling trio of pomegranate, apricot and coconut oils seals the cuticle for oh-so-easy combing.

Lackluster Locks

Spritz on this detangling spray and watch those strands shine, baby, shine. Formulated with cherry vinegar to counteract the dulling effects of hard water plus stimulating ginger and cinnamon to smooth the hair cuticle, it leaves hair luminous and tangle-free.

Product-Junkie Hair

This lightweight mist restores hair to a healthy pH level by eliminating buildup thanks to its purifying, apple-cider-vinegar-infused formula.

Natural Hair

A lush blend of Jamaican black castor oil and murumuru oil delivers optimum slip for supremely easy detangling of snags and knots. The innovative formula is developed with dual encapsulation technology to give hair a lustrous finish.

Fine Hair

Looking for a little oomph? This volumizing spray not only leaves hair more manageable for easy combing, it also boosts limp strands with visible body and bounce thanks to micro-fluid technology and rich minerals.

Thick Strands

Trying to brush through tangled, thick hair can turn into an impromptu bicep workout pretty quickly. To avoid breaking a sweat (after all, that's what tummy-toning exercises are for), spray on this deeply nourishing detangler that unravels snags while helping strengthen thanks to its keratin-enriched formula.

Overly Processed Hair

One too many appointments with your colorist can leave already weak hair especially brittle and susceptible to breakage. That’s why a multi-tasking protective detangling formula like this one is essential—it defends against heat styling and UV exposure while preserving color and sealing the cuticle for optimum shine. Bonus: It's 100% vegan and free of parabens and sulfates.