The Best Anti-Shampoos For Curly Hair

There’s something oh-so-satisfying about a shampoo’s foamy, rich lather, but what if we told you those sudsy bubbles came at a price? For curly-haired girls, it’s not just a deep clean you’re getting out of the “lather, rinse, repeat” cycle. Since curly hair is naturally dry, the harsh ingredients in traditional shampoos (sulfates, surfectants and heavy-duty detergents) strip curls of much-needed moisture. That’s when the frizz halos come out to play.

So, what’s the solution? Co-washing (yup, curly hair care has its own lingo). It stands for conditioner-washing, and it’s pretty much what it sounds like, except for one catch. These conditioners contain just the right amount of sulfate-free cleansing agents to provide a necessary detox for your strands without sacrificing hair’s natural moisture in the process. Translation: Curls are more lush, defined and glossier than ever, thanks to these no-lather shampoo-alternatives.


Tender Loving Care for Curls

Thick ringlets and curls will love this indulgent formula. It whisks away dirt, oil and buildup while treating strands to an ultra-nourishing blend of avocado oil, softening shea butter and soothing aloe vera. Plus, it’s enhanced with quinoa extract to defend the hair cuticle from environmental aggressors and retain moisture.

Infused with hydrating coconut oil, smoothing silk proteins and frizz-fighting neem oil, this lightweight co-wash leaves natural curls bouncy and shiny while preventing against future breakage.

Thirsty curls will drink this intensely moisturizing formula right up. Enriched with sumptuous extra virgin olive oil, Vitamin E, keratin and natural herbal extracts, it effectively eliminates dirt and buildup while gently detangling and nourishing overly dry, fragile hair.

Wavy hair types aren't quite as parched as their curly counterparts, so they can get away with a little bit of lather. For effortlessly tousled, weightless waves, try this airy, low-lather formula infused with lotus flower, rice protein and a chia-flaxseed blend to define your natural waves, amp up volume and fight off frizz.