7 Habits That Are Actually Destroying Your Hair

As much as we care for our tresses, it goes without saying that we’ve all made some mistakes along the way. In fact, there are a few everyday habits (which we often don’t even realize we’re doing) that are actually more hurtful than helpful. Ahead, seven common faux pas that are destroying your hair—and that you should stop immediately.

Courtesy of Elie Saab

Protect Your Mane

Extremely Hot Showers

Trust us, we understand how relaxing a nice hot shower is. However, not protecting your hair during a steam-filled bathing session can strip its natural oils. To avoid dry, brittle strands, wear a shower cap on days you're not washing your hair; on days you do shampoo, just turn the temperature down a notch.

Sleeping On The Wrong Pillowcase

Friction between materials and your hair can cause unwanted breakage and shedding. Sleep on a hair-friendly silk pillowcase so that the fabric isn't tugging on your locks overnight.

Relying On Heat Tools

As much as we love them, hot tools can seriously damage strands and put them at increased risk. If you absolutely must heat-style your hair, use a thermal protectant each and every time—and, of course, don't turn the temp up too high.

Aggressive Brushing

When your hair gets knotted, it's hard to resist brushing it out with force. However, this can do more bad than good, as aggressive pulling is known to cause breakage. Next time you get tangled, gently brush out your hair in sections with a soft bristle brush. (It takes longer, but it's worth it.)

Rough Elastics

Elastics with metal closures—or, even worse, rubber bands—can literally yank out pieces of your hair when removed. Stick to safer options that grip your hair as needed but slide off gently.

Overusing Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo has oil-absorbing powers and keeps your hair smelling fresh, but (news flash) it doesn't actually clean your hair. Overusing this miracle product can lead to dullness and cause product buildup that messes with your hair's natural oils. Instead, try out this foam version and use more sparingly.

Using Unclean Hair Tools

Another beauty blunder a lot of us are guilty of is not cleaning our tools often enough. Using devices that have bacteria and buildup is a huge no. Be cautious and wipe them down with a sterilizer every now and then.