3 Unlikely Ways To Make Your Blowout Last So Much Longer

A model posing touching her freshly blown out hair

Fact: The only thing better than getting a blowout is making it last for days to come. Whether you pay the professionals or do it yourself, getting more mileage from your ‘do directly translates to time saved (not to mention money). That’s why we’re sharing a few lesser-known-but-super-effective tricks that work for extending the life of your look. Go ahead, try something new–we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Keep Your Hands Clean

Photo: Pinterest

It seems obvious that excessive touching makes hair dirtier, but it took us a while to figure out that washing our hands before playing with our hair is a must. If you are going to pull it back, create a new ‘do, or fidget with it, always wash your hands first. This ensures that no oil, sweat, or dirt from your fingertips will transfer, leaving hair cleaner for longer.

Throw Hair Ties In The Laundry

Photo: lollyjane.com

Think of it this way: you wouldn’t use the same sweat rag you used at the gym to later dry your freshly-washed face, right (gross, we know)? Second-day hair ties contain product, grease and sweat from the previous use. Instead, use a new one and throw your old cloth ties in the wash so you can reuse them.

Use A Towel Over Your Pillowcase

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Your pillowcase carries the grease and product from previous night’s sleeps. Since doing laundry every day isn’t practical, lay a clean microfiber towel over your pillowcase to act as a barrier between your freshly washed locks and your pillowcase.