10 Things Girls With Red Hair Only Understand

by Kyra Burns

There’s no doubt that redheads are a rare breed (less than 2% of the population to be exact) which is why they will always stand out in a crowd—even when they’re not trying. Since there are special circumstances only redheads can understand, we’ve rounded up 10 problems that all fellow gingers share (and yes, we’re the only ones that can use this term).


Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Yes, We Know Our Parents Don't Have Red Hair Like Us

And yes, it's normal. Red hair is caused by a recessive gene (MC1R, to be exact) that is a genetic mutation. That's right, we're mutant and proud!

Photo: @redheads

You Can Never Experiment With Your Hair Color

Going back to your natural hair color is impossible. Cue the regrets.

Photo: @redheads

No, Our Hair Isn't Fake

Being asked if your hair is real happens more often than you think. It's difficult to not feel like a broken record when most of your vocabulary consists of the words, “yes, it is natural.”

Photo: @redheads

We Can't Own Anything In Red

Pulling off a red dress can be one of the hardest things to do. The color often overwhelms your pale skin or just clashes with the color of your hair. So much for wearing Pantone's color of the year, Marsala.

Photo: @redheads

We DON'T Look Like Lindsay Lohan

If you had a nickel for the amount of times people told you how much you look like Lindsay Lohan, you would be richer than Lindsay Lohan herself.

Photo: @lindsaylohan

"Ginger" Is Not A Term Of Endearment

Yes, gingers have a soul and the term is only accepted warmly when redheads use it amongst their fellow red-hair babes.

Photo: @redheads

Strangers Love To Touch Our Hair

People are constantly trying to touch your hair. Often without asking first.

Photo: @redheads

Sunscreen Is A Lifesaver

Only the highest SPF protects our pale skin from the sun. There are a few lucky readheads that have naturally tan skin. FYI: Us pale girls envy you.

Photo: @redheads

Don't Talk To Us Unless We've Filled In Our Brows First

And deciding whether to color in those non-existent brows with a more blonde or brown pencil is always a fight. Finding a brow pencil to match our hair color is like finding a pot of gold.

Photo: @redheads

Everyone Thinks They Can Control Your Hair Destiny

Don't ever make a comment about changing your hair color to friends. The response is always sounds something like, “people would kill for your hair, don’t ever change it!”

Photo: @redheads