The Conditioning Mistake You’re Probably Making

by The Zoe Report

As much as we love all the lobs, bobs, and pixie cuts we’ve been seeing lately, we have to admit that sometimes there’s nothing quite as envy-inducing as a gorgeous mane of long, healthy hair. Perhaps it’s the fact that it seems so unattainable? After all, not everyone is naturally blessed with a Gisele-like mane.

Not true, says Romain Perriniaux, owner and stylist at Red Market Salon in New York City. According to Perriniaux, every woman can have long hair—if they’re willing to invest just a tiny bit of extra time.

“I see so many women who are trying to grow out their hair, and they end up so frustrated,” says Perriniaux. “They might be doing most things right—getting regular trims, limiting heat styling—but the real problem is that their hair is just not well-hydrated.”

To easily combat this, Perriniaux recommends applying an intense treatment to the ends of your hair two to three times a week (he likes Kerastase Masqueintense) and being sure not to skip one very crucial—but oft overlooked—step: Towel dry your hair before applying the treatment.

“Everyone forgets this, but it makes all the difference,” Perriniaux says. “After shampooing, get out of the shower and pat your hair with a towel so it’s damp instead of sopping-wet. It may be annoying, but if you take the time to remove most of the water, your inner hair shaft will be able to absorb much more of the treatment.”

Best of all, Perriniaux says that doing this regularly can actually save you money in the long run. “You’re using way less product, and you’ll be able to go longer between haircuts. Remember, a hydrated hair shaft is a happy shaft—and much less likely to become brittle and break off.”

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