The Best Blush For Your Hair Color

With the winter season winding down, we’re ready to rotate out old makeup with new products that will warm up our complexion. Cue: Physicians Formula’s Powder Palette Multi-Colored Custom Blush! A just-born beautifier from the hypoallergenic cosmetics brand, this ingenious product plays up one’s hair color for a bombshell result. Here, makeup artist Joanna Schlip gives the 4-1-1 on the wondrous (budget-friendly!) rouge.

What can you tell us about Physician’s Formula’s new blush? “These blush shades enhance your natural skin tone for a pop of color that’s soft, luminous and highlighting. The shades are complementing depending on your hair color.”

What’s the main difference between the formula for blondes vs. brunettes? “It’s a little brighter and more pink for blondes, a little more bronzed for brunettes.”

What about redheads – which shade do you suggest for them? “It depends on the shade of red. For cooler and lighter I go with the blonde palette and for auburn or darker I lean towards the brunette palette.”

Do you have any day-to-night tips? “For daytime you can go a little softer and for nighttime you can amp it up a bit more. Natural light is less forgiving so tread lightly during the day – just a hint of color is enough.”

What is the biggest blunder you see people make with blush? “The biggest blush mistake people make is with the color being too strong or too light. You need to find a middle ground. Use a large Kabuki brush to control the application.”

Availability: Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Custom Blush ($12).