Hair Botox Is Actually Wildly Different Than What It Sounds Like

There’s a new buzzy treatment in town.

hair botox

Attention silky strand seekers: hair botox is the latest TikTok trend to hit the mainstream. One quick search reveals that the hashtag #hairbotox currently yields 17.7M views on the platform, but it’s not what you think. In fact hair botox is nothing like Botox for your face, which is a type of neurotoxin that relaxes muscles and prevents fine lines. It doesn't actually involve injecting anything. Basically you can think of hair botox as the ultimate anti-aging hair treatment, more effective and deep conditioning than even your favorite at-home mask.

The whole process seems to be much like getting your hair colored. After washing and cleaning the hair, a stylist paints on the product (a blue-hued goop that looks similar to hair dye), wraps it up in plastic for a dryer session, before finally blowing it out to reveal ridiculously luminous strands.

New York-based celebrity colorist Jeremy Tardo explains that the unique formula is packed with peptides, vitamin B5, vitamin E, antioxidants, and collagen that help to reinvigorate damaged hair. “This combination simultaneously helps to plump the empty parts of your hair strand while smoothing frizz,” he tells TZR.

But before you start comparing it to a keratin treatment, know that it is not the same thing. “Some keratin treatments contain formaldehyde [which can cause skin irritation, allergies and dry out your hair], but the botox treatment is as natural as it comes,” explains LA-based hair stylist Glenn Ellis, who happens to specialize in smoothing treatments.

Simply put: “Keratin is a chemical treatment that changes the hair texture while hair botox doesn’t permanently change the texture; it’s more of a reconstructing hair treatment that helps [with] healthy hair growth and damage protection,” says hairstylist Sasha Ras, who offers this exact treatment at John Henry Salon in Malibu. Keratin treatments also last longer since hair botox is more of a surface level product. And even though it’s gentler than keratin, hair botox is not something you should do yourself — it’s a professional grade product.

While “hair botox treatments are great for hair that is damaged or frizzy, it works well on all hair types” confirms Tardo. For reference, Toronto-based stylist and TikToker @elzakalia has an entire account dedicated to the mesmerizing hair trend. One video, titled “SMOOTHING BOTOX CHECK!”, has over 4 million views. In the clip you’ll see a very clear start to finish transformation. “I did a smoothing botox to reduce frizz, add some shine, and give her a soft hair texture,” the caption reads.

If you want to try out the the in-salon service for yourself expect to spend between $200 and $450 each time, depending on the salon and stylist. “Hair botox treatments last about two to four months [and can vary] depending on your at-home care and your hair texture,” says Ras. As with all treatments, consult with your stylist and go back for a refresh when you feel that your hair is beginning to lose the effect.