Should You Wear Makeup To The Gym?

by Stephanie Montes

It’s no secret that trips to the gym have become a more public affair—who doesn’t bump into an acquaintance in spin class?—which means stepping out in a bare face can be a little anxiety provoking. While it’s not practical to hit the elliptical in rows of false lashes, there is a happy medium. Shop our favorite natural-looking makeup picks to help give you a boost of confidence without clogging your pores. All the better for showcasing your new, healthy self.

We prefer the real you but don't sweat it; we'll walk you through our favorite gym-friendly products.

Photo Credit: Adam Katz Sinding

Consider showing your NATURAL beauty

We encourage going sans makeup as often as possible, especially for your afternoon workout. Going full-glam at the gym leads to major breakouts and an embarrassingly streaky face.

When you begin to sweat, your pores naturally open up to release the moisture. As easily as sweat is let out, makeup, dirt and even your moisturizer are let in, resulting in clogged pores, irritation and a lackluster complexion. You’re at the gym to create a healthier you so why not start with a nice, clean face.

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Quick Cleanse

Make a habit of cleansing your skin prior to a workout, using a pack of wipes that can be stowed in your gym bag.

Minimal Coverage

If the thought of hitting the streets in a completely bare face sends you into a panic, reach for an oil-free tinted moisturizer. It will even your complexion and the water-based formula is less likely to clog pores.

Wide Eyes

We could never leave the house without at least curling our lashes first. It’s amazing how dramatic the results are. This simple pick-me-up will make you look instantly awake; no makeup needed.

Pigmented Pout

A little bit of lip stain will go a long way. It pulls your look together and gives you some healthy color without looking like makeup. Leave your cheeks bare, the workout will give you a natural flush.

Hydrate In A Flash

Use before and after your workout for skin as toned as your biceps.

Deep Cleaning

We recommend thoroughly cleansing with an exfoliating brush after each sweat session. Use in the shower for extra pore-clarification.