Beauty Routine Upgrades That Protect The Planet

by Stephanie Montes

Looking to go green with your beauty routine? From saving water to reducing landfill waste, these simple eco-conscious ways of getting ready protect the planet while still making you look gorgeous. Try them. You’ll feel better knowing you’re doing your part this earth day.

4 Easy Upgrades You Can Do Now

Save Water. Grab The Dry Shampoo.

Extend the life of your hairstyle while also saving water. Spritz and massage into roots to remove oils and give limp hair texture and volume.

Do Choose Biodegradable, Don't Skimp On Skincare

Do your part to save water without having to sleep with yesterday’s makeup. These wipes remove even the most stubborn mascara and also happen to be biodegradable.

Save Electricity Without Sacrificing Great Hair

Better the planet by cutting your electricity use–your hair (and your utility bill) will never look better. Skip the heat styling and spritz a salt spray from roots to ends and towel dry hair for back-from-the-beach waves.

Recycle In Style

Look for brands that have recycling programs–most of them also happen to provide amazing incentives.

Mac- Not only do they help properly dispose of containers, they also trade for a full-size product when you bring in 6 empty Mac products.

Origins- Take in empty containers from any brand and receive samples of Origins’ skincare products in exchange.

Kiehl's- Don’t know what to do with your empty water bottles? 10 bottles gets you a full-size Kiehl's product.