The Dos And Don’ts Of Getting Ready In The Morning

by Stephanie Montes
2014 Adam Katz Sinding

You’ve hit the snooze button one too many times, and now you barely have enough time to run a brush through your bed head and throw on whatever pieces of clothing are within arm’s reach before running out the door. Sound familiar? We get it. We know mornings can be rough, but that’s no excuse to walk into work with knotty locks and mascara only on one eye. Follow our tips for getting through your beauty routine fast, and you’ll never worry about being late to the office again–or looking like a hot mess in your morning meeting.

Get Your Snooze On, Guilt Free

Photo: Adam Katz Sinding

Don't: Wash Your Hair

Let’s be real, washing your hair in the morning can be a little ambitious. It usually results in you running out the door with a wet head. By the time you get to work, your 'do is more frizz than fab.

Do: Instead, opt for a dry shampoo, applying it the night before so it absorbs oils while you sleep.

Don't: Attempt To Use All Your Makeup

We fully support makeup hoarding (we're guilty of it ourselves), but when it comes to applying it on a time schedule, less is more. Don’t sit at your vanity belaboring over your options—that gets you nowhere fast.

Do: Buy a pretty, easy-to-tote makeup bag and fill it with only the essentials so you're equipped with what you really need while on the go.

Don't: Apply Lotion

We love silky skin, but if you're a morning-shower type of girl, it can take too much time to dry off, apply lotion and let it properly soak in before getting dressed.

Do: Use a creamy body wash to clean and moisturize while you shower. Two birds, one stone.

Don't: Leave The House With Wet Nails

You’re ready to head out the door until you look at your hands and see the horrid aftermath of what used to be a manicure. But the last thing you want to do is slap on a coat of polish as you're running out the door—you’re bound to get to work with a handful of smudges.

Do: Apply a few polish-drying drops to wet nails. Another option is to soak nails in ice water for 60 seconds.

Don't: Get Caught Up In Your Skincare Routine

When it comes to your skincare routine (cleansing, toning, moisturizing, etc.), we know it can take some serious time. We’re not saying to deprive your complexion, but sometimes you have to prioritize.

Do: Choose quality over quantity. A spritz of toner and a moisturizing sunscreen are all you need in the morning. Just make sure to take extra time with your nighttime routine.

Don't: Pick One-Trick Ponies

Using a wide array of products can be time-consuming and derail the task at hand.

Do: Choose multitasking products that work overtime like a lip and cheek tint that can also be used as a shadow. When chosen wisely, 1 product can almost produce a complete look.