Best Kept Scents

by The Zoe Report

As a self-proclaimed perfume connoisseur, I keep my eyes—and nose—open at all times for new irresistible scents. The freshest fragrance set to catch my nostrils in months, Bali James’ Perfume Oils are simply divine! Offered in three totally alluring blends—Maiko, Ritual and Patchouli—each roll-on vessel is a praiseworthy candidate to become your next can’t-live-without cologne!

A longtime admirer of Bali James’ incredible products—see the aforementioned body oil—I got my hands on her latest oil creations right away. Needless to say, they blew me away! While it was tempting to keep these delicious scents all to myself—especially the Ritual aroma—I could never keep a secret this good from my TZR readers. 😉 Concocted of the most luxurious ingredients, such as vanilla, musk and lily blossoms, Bali James’ perfume oils will add a lovely element to any look. Think of them as an invisible accessory! xoRZ

Availability: Geisha by Bali James Perfume Oils ($45 each). For additional information, visit Balijames.com.

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