Ripe For The Picking: Summer’s Fruitiest Makeup Shades

Beautiful blues, awe-inducing oranges and punchy pinks: If this summer’s crop of deliciously juicy makeup colors are any indication, then mother nature really is the greatest (makeup) artist of all. From the prettiest plums to the most precious of peaches, these are the 5 shades you can really sink your teeth into.


This warm, sexy shade is not full-on red and not exactly orange -- instead, it offers the best of both worlds. Paint it on for an excellent statement manicure in the warmers months or a power lip year-round.


In all its incarnations, this refreshing pink is the quintessential summer hue. The shade is subtle enough to double up, so feel free to match your blush to your lipstick or your mascara to your mani.


If there's anything we gleaned from the fall 2014 runways, it's that pops of color are here to stay (yay!). Shades of blue are easy enough to incorporate into your existing look -- a swipe of liner here, a statement nail there -- making it the ideal introduction to the trend.


We like to treat these sweet, peachy shades as neutrals and pile them on for a natural, girl-next-door vibe.


Plums are quite pigmented, so a little goes a long way. Start with a gloss or polish then gradually move onto eye makeup options in the same color spectrum.