Mythic Mane

by The Zoe Report

Have you ever tried a hair product that lit-er-a-lly made you do a double take every time you passed by a mirror? Well, trust us, such an urban-legend-in-a-bottle exists and it’s about to infuse some serious life back into those limp, flat tresses.

As hardworking as it is glamorous, Frederic Fekkai’s All-Day Hair Plump is the indispensible answer to all of your lifeless hair woes. An ultra-luxurious leave-in treatment, this hair repair fills and plumps damaged cuticles with ingredients like marine peptides, vegetable proteins and hyaluronate humectants. But honestly, who can be bothered with science when you’re waltzing around town with OOC bouncy, bombshell tresses? Did we mention that just a few pumps will continue to amp up your look all day long, without any oiliness or residue? Magic! No teasing necessary = no excuses. If thick, lush hair is your fantasy, plump it up!

Availability: Frederic Fekkai All-Day Hair Plump ($95). For additional information, visit Fekkai.com.

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