10 Fab False Eyelashes To Build A Costume Around

by Stephanie Montes

With a little creative thinking, a pair of fake eyelashes may be all you need to create an awesome Halloween costume. (Don’t know how to apply them yourself? Learn here.) From a 1960s icon to a glam zombie, the outfit options are endless if you start from the top down. Shop some seriously showstopping lashes, and get our tips for throwing a fab costume together on the quick.

Get our eye-catching Halloween looks.

Costume: Twiggy

Why should upper lashes have all the fun? Channel Twiggy's iconic doe-eyed look with a strip of straight, spaced out lashes on the lower line. Complete the look with a '60s mod dress and knee-high boots.

Costume: Disco Diva

Reminiscent of a shiny disco ball, these lashes are sure to get you doing the hustle all night long. Channel your inner diva with a psychedelic dress and an afro. Can you dig it?

Costume: Zombie

The blood on these lashes scream zombie while the embellished tips keep the look glam. Be the most gorgeous walking dead the living has ever seen. Take your look to the next level with pale skin, fake dark circles and battered clothing.

Costume: '80s Rock Star

Because of its unforgetable style, the '80s is a go-to era for the ultimate last-minute costume. Match your pink neon lashes to a pair of leggings, throw on some leg warmers, fishnet gloves and tease your hair up to there. Now here's a costume you can wear "Time After Time."

Costume: Cancan Dancer

You "cancan" totally build a costume around these elaborate lashes. Slip on a red dress, black fishnets and a feathered headdress, and you'll be singing "Lady Marmalade" all night long.

Costume: Black Widow

The spiderweb design on these lashes is subtle enough to complement a beautiful makeup look and creepy enough to inspire an entire outfit. Keep it chic with black leather leggings and load up on plastic spider rings.

Costume: Bird

You'll have your fellow partygoers bird-watching all night long with this costume. Pair your lashes with an equally bright dress and adhere some feathers to it. Or if you're not feeling crafty this Halloween, opt for a tutu to mimic the texture of a bird.

Costume: Witch

Be the chicest witch on the block with these lace lashes, a black dress and a pointy hat. Get ready to put your friends under a spell with this look. Don't forget the broom.

Costume: Fox

Take the costume idea literally with these fox-hair lashes. Break out the faux fur, throw on a pair of fox ears and you'll look as sly as...well, you know.

Costume: Hippie

Who would've thought your lashes radiate flower power? Add dramatic bell-bottoms, a suede fringe vest and a headband for the complete Make Love, Not War feel. Throw a peace sign to finish the look.