This Is The Secret To Flawless Makeup

We’ve all been there in the thick of summer—it’s only mid-morning and you’ve discovered traces of makeup residue on your sunglasses, or worse, on your clothing. While oilier skin types are more prone to this problem than others, it is a universal issue in the heat, but one with an equally universal solution: makeup primer. More than just the secret to flawless foundation application, primers have the ability to imbue an extra glow, mattify your look or even hydrate skin beneath makeup for longer wear and smoother looking skin. And like with many beauty products, there are many to choose from to achieve your favored effect from tinted to pore-refining formulas, with options to suit every price point. So to prevent melting makeup mishaps in the coming months, see the primers we think are best, from designer takes to drugstore favorites.


Prime Time