5-Minute Facials That Work Wonders

by Stephanie Montes

As busy as we all are, we can all spare 5 minutes to make ourselves look and feel better. These 5 products give you a healthy glow in less time than it takes to pick your outfit. Slather on a mask, throw on a fabulous getup and rinse your face before you run out the door. Your skin will never look better.

Fast Facials

Photo: Courtesy of NARS

This 1-minute facial gives you cleaner skin, tighter pores and a radiant glow.

Wake up your skin with a hydrating 3-minute mask. This one doesn't even have to be rinsed off–wipe away the product with a tissue and continue on your way.

Get a deep detoxifying facial in 3 minutes with this miracle clay mask.

Unclog pores and wake up your skin in 5 minutes.

Skin looks brighter after wearing this exfoliating mask for 5 minutes. It's unreal.