What You’re Not Doing With Your Eyeliner But Should Be

by Stephanie Montes

Eyeliner is likely a key player in your makeup game but do you actually know how to properly use each kind that’s available—the gels, pencils, liquids and more? We’re guessing not, so we did a little research and came up with the best product to use for whatever look you’re going for—and we curated the top options to make your next makeup shopping spree a breeze. If dressing your eyes is an art form, consider these your paintbrushes.

We like to color within the lines.


A liquid eyeliner always gives the most precise finish because of its ultra-thin, long brush and watery formula. Use this kind on your upper lash line for the cleanest cat eye ever.


Dip a thin brush into this eyeliner pot and apply product on top and bottom lash lines. It goes on creamy and dries almost instantly. This is our go-to liner for all day and night wear.


Best for beginners, this product is almost like playing with magic markers. It dispenses color as you go so you don't have to worry about applying too little or too much. Use the felt tip to fill in the upper lash line for a fuller look.


Pencils are meant to be smudged so use sparingly to avoid looking like a raccoon. Create the ultimate smoky eye by lining the upper and lower lash lines after you've applied eye shadow.


This is the most convenient of all eyeliners. A cross between a gel and a pencil, this hybrid gives you a fab creamy finish without having to carry around a brush or a sharpener.