5 Ways To Enhance Your Eyelashes

These days, you don’t have to be blessed with big, full eyelashes to rock an eye-opening set on the regular. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up for a glam night out or are feeling game to take on a bold fix that will last a few weeks, check out 5 bat-worthy ways to enhance your natural assets.

Bat Your Lashes

Check out 5 ways to score eye-catching lashes.

1. Lengthening Serums

If you consider yourself averse to lash extensions, lengthening serums are an effortless way to better your natural assets without the pricy upkeep. We recommend Tarte's all-natural formula that will literally lengthen your eyelashes while you snooze and Vichy's anti-aging dream potion.

2. Colorful Formulas

Best teamed with a minimalist makeup look, neon eyelashes have proven to be a must-try summer beauty trend after their eye-catching cameo in Stella McCartney's resort '15 collection. Team Zoe approved for both day and night wear, team technicolor lashes with a fresh face and neutral gloss—sans shadow and liner.

3. Eyelash Extensions

For your consideration, we tested out lash extensions for ourselves and needless to say, the results were pretty next level. While extensions may cost you a pretty penny, they can be totally worth it—think full, fierce results that look nothing short of natural. Best recommended before a big trip or a glamorous event, these babies will stay full and fresh for up to a month and eventually fall out on their own.

Photo: Lash extensions from Blinkbar.

4. Fierce Falsies

Amp up the glam factor before a big night out with this quick fix. Super easy to apply—all you need is a little lash adhesive and patience—false eyelashes can be worn in strips and individually. Full strips result in an overall dramatic look while individuals can be added to outer corners of the eye to make natural lashes appear subtly longer and fuller.

5. The Classic Prep & Prime

Perfect for the everyday, enhance your lashes the old fashioned way with the three essentials every woman should own: a heated eyelash curler, clear lash primer, which will set the stage for a full lift that will last for hours, and volumizing mascara.