Beauty Countdown Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re getting married or prepping for a big event (prom! graduation!), its always smart to get a head start on your beauty preparation to ensure you feel fabulous on the big day. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to becoming your best self from head to toe. Follow these steps and we guarantee you’ll be the belle of the ball. Or the commencement ceremony. You get the point…

3 Weeks Away

Up the ante in the workout department, for example adding more cardio to your weekly workouts or increasing the reps in the weight-training department. We don't need to extoll the benefits of endorphins and extra energy, but regular workouts will also make your more inclined to make smarter food decisions. Start taking a hair, skin and nail supplement for an added boost.

Brides to Be: Start 3 months out

2 Weeks Away

If you're doing your own makeup, this is when you should finalize the look and make sure you have all of the necessary products to help it stay put. Try a variety of lipsticks and see which one you get the most compliments on, or practice tweaking your regular beauty routine to look more glamorous. If you're working with a professional, get everything finalized, ideally with a backup plan in place.

Brides to Be: 2 months out with a final test 1-2 weeks out

1 Week Away

Opt for a gel manicure and pedicure to avoid any annoying chips on the big day. Why not make it a fun outing with your friends or bridesmaids to share the excitment?

Brides to Be: Do a test run with the colors beforehand.

5 Days Away

Schedule an appointment with your aesthetician for a deep cleansing facial. If you prefer to do one at home, make sure that you've used the products before.

Brides to Be: Keep extractions and peels to a minimum to avoid inflammation.

3 Days Away

If you get a tan before the event, make sure to wax and do a full body scrub in advance of your appointment. 3 days is ideal for the color to fade slightly and look natural. Any missteps can be fixed using a washcloth soaked in 1 part lemon, 2 parts water.

Brides to Be: You may want to try a few different places until you find the perfect color.

2 Days Away

With everything in place for the big day, schedule time to relax and unwind with friends. Use an at-home teeth whitening kit to remove any stains and get your smile photo ready.

1 Day Away

Stay hydrated, avoid salty foods and alcohol, and make sure to get a good night's sleep. Pre-event jitters keeping you up? Take a natural sleep-aid like melatonin that won't leave you groggy in the morning.