Wide Awake

by The Zoe Report

Sure, a morning cup of coffee or tea will get you moving in the AM, but what to do about those dark circles under your eyes? Likely to become just as vital to your wake-up routine as your beloved cup of Joe, EVE LOM’s Eye Cream is like an espresso shot to the face with a triple action formula that really works.

So, how does Eve Lom beat under-eye puffiness exactly? Let us count the ways! First, sodium hyaluronate lends its hydrating powers, then jiaogulan increases circulation and minimizes inflation, all the while age-fighting peptides firm and tone the skin, reducing wrinkles. Are you sold? Treat your sleepy eyes to this game-changing cream now and there will be no more hiding behind sunnies for you—but whenever you do, make sure they’re a really cute pair!

Availability: Eve Lom Eye Cream ($75). For additional information, visit Evelom.com.

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