Essie’s Once-Discontinued Nail Polish Is Back By Popular Demand

Get it while you can.

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Essie clambake nail polish restocked

Have you ever fallen in love with a nail polish, only for the shade to vanish without a trace? If you were one of the many, many fans of Essie’s Clambake nail polish, this story might sound familiar to you. The intensely popular red-orange shade was discontinued years ago, leaving fans searching for dupes and hoarding bottles — until now. According to Bustle’s Tamim Alnuweiri, Clambake is officially back for a very limited time. As in, it’s only available until May 29, and then you’re left all on your own.

But first, the good news. Bustle reported that Clambake is currently available for $9 in-stores at CVS; Into The Gloss shared that the nail polish relaunch is exclusive to the drugstore. If you do happen to swing by Essie’s own website to check out the color, you’ll be in for a treat. You can still read through the extremely enthusiastic reviews of days gone by. (Into The Gloss did name it the nail color of 2017, after all.)

Not around for the hype way back when? Get ready to crack the code now. Although it comes close, Clambake isn’t your traditional red nail polish; the hint of orange separates it out from the crowd, while the neon-level brightness makes it ideal for summer.


Unsurprisingly, it’s similar to a shade you might find in an actual clambake — an organic, lobster red-orange. Reviewers on Essie’s website also noted the original Clambake shade’s unique consistency, comparing the nail polish formula to a less opaque jelly polish you can layer on as you please.

Still, expect all of the perks that come with Essie’s cult-famous nail polish, like a super glossy finish and a long-wearing formula. No worrying about chips, or wondering if your nail polish will last through the evening, making a trip into CVS for the cult-favorite shade well worth it. Swing by your local store to shop Clambake before it once again poofs out of existence on May 29.

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