Spotlight: Update Your Updo With A Braided Twist

by The Zoe Report

When it comes to our hairstyle for a night on the town, we tend to take the occasional risk—what’s the fun in playing it safe?! Our latest PM ‘do du jour is this peekaboo braid upstyle created by Joico hairstylist Katie Bilovol. Attempt the second tutorial in our summer braid series for your next rooftop soiree or cocktail event—your locks just might steal the show!

Click through to learn how to fashion your locks into an edgy, braided updo!

Step One

Separate the top portion of your hair (from the crown forward) and pin out of the way.

Step Two

With the remaining bottom portion, separate hair into two pieces with one section slightly off center.

Step Three

With the smaller portion of hair, begin a French braid from the temple.

Step Four

As you continue, make sure to keep the French braid tight to your head.

Step Five

When you run out of hair along the hairline, finish with a regular braid.

Step Six

Fasten the braid with an elastic when you reach the halfway point down the smaller portion of hair. Then switch to the heavier portion of hair and brush into a smooth, low ponytail.

Step Seven

Twist the ponytail and wrap it around itself into a knot shape. When secured, pinch some strands from within the knot, pulling them out lightly to create texture.

Step Eight

Fasten the twist underneath itself by grabbing hair from the knot and pulling it into the rest of the hair, securing around the bun.

Step Nine

Grab your braid and fasten it over the top of the twist, pulling some of the strands out for texture.

Step 10

Twist the braid underneath the bun and secure with bobby pins.

Step 11

Finish the twist with a dose of texture wax spray to keep the look extra tousled—no stiffness here!

Step 12

Release the top portion of hair and make sure it sits the way you prefer around the fringe/part area.

Step 13

Twirl your hair up and around the bun so it sits just above the braid and the twist.

Step 14

Tuck that portion under and around the twist, securing with bobby pins where needed.

Finished Product

Voila! A gorgeous braided updo is now yours to rock.