Copy The Routine Of An Eco-Beauty Girl

Especially during Earth Month, we’re taking measures to clean up our beauty regimens, from reducing our ecological footprint to cracking down on ingredients that might be harmful to ourselves and the environment. Proving that you don’t have to sacrifice being chic in the name of safety, Beautycounter has emerged as a leading brand that’s set out to educate consumers on the harmful qualities of personal care products and redefine what constitutes “natural” beauty (for starters, check out their “never” list to familiarize yourself with common chemical ingredients). Today, Beautycounter founder Gregg Renfrew shares 5 simple rules she incorporates into her personal routine to stay gorgeous—and eco-friendly.

Beautycounter's Gregg Renfrew's Beauty Rules

Photo: @beautycounter

Drink Your Way Pretty

"One word: water. Drinks tons of water! I'm also thrilled that good-for-you green drinks are "in," because I've been drinking them for years."

Photo: @greggrenfrew

Combat Dryness

"I love using an allover exfoliator mitt by Supracor and a drybrush I bought at Cafe Gratitude—both help with California's dry weather! I also replenish moisture with Beautycounter's Face Oil #1 (Calendula)."

Be Resourceful

"My mother taught me this trick—use your lipstick on your cheeks, especially when you're out at night and need a little lift."

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Get Pampered In A Toxin-Free Environment

"I love Cote Nail Salon in Brentwood for the most luxurious and safe pedicure. Especially when I can bring my girls Georgie and Phebe for a special treat."

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Stick To A Nighttime Routine

"No matter what, make sure to always take off your makeup at night. I wash my face religiously! I love Beautycounter's Cleansing Balm—I travel constantly and can take it on my carry-on with me to use at night (and in the morning)."

Photo: @beautycounter