Easy Hairstyles For Every Type Of Workout

You’ve got the chic athletic gear and tech-y workout accessories sorted out. Next up: the hair. Go from everyday-glam to polished and powerful in two minutes flat with these mood-boosting, super-easy hairstyles for every physical activity you’ve got penciled in this week. The mastermind behind these ultra-gorj ideas? TZR’s favorite beauty guru, Joey Maalouf.

Photographer: Stephen Busken; Model: Alicia Ruelas; Sports Bras: Jockey.

Easy Hairstyle Idea: Running

For a long run, hair should be out of your face, eyes and neck. Our favorite look for long or mid-length strands: the classic high ponytail. For a little bit of extra polish, wrap a section of hair around the elastic and pin to secure.

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Use a natural bristle brush to pull hair back into a bump-free ponytail then secure with a thick elastic that'll give it some oomph. Smooth down flyaways with a hair oil -- bonus points if it has SPF, like this option from Kiehl's.

Easy Hairstyle Idea: Hiking

For a day spent exploring the great outdoors, an easy, unfussy braid is a pretty and practical option. If you're wearing a backpack or just want an extra-romantic effect, go for not-too-tight side braid. Your 'Made it to the top!' Instagram selfie will look extra gorgeous, trust.

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Thicken and add volume to hair with a dry shampoo or texturizing spray then use a rattail comb to create a deep side part. Gather hair to one side and braid loosely until you're a few inches from the bottom. Secure with a thin, clear elastic and tease the end of the ponytail so it stays in place all day.

Easy Hairstyle Idea: Yoga

Give a nod to the '90s trend by pulling hair into two super-slick chignons for a low-key yoga class. Your hair will be completely out of your way during every possible pose, and you'll look ultra-chic for that post-class coffee date with a friend.

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Lock in moisture and smooth strands with a lightweight product like Josie Maran's Argan Oil. Using a rattail comb, create a middle part from the forehead to the nape of the neck then pull hair into two high ponytails. Coil each ponytail into a bun and pin to secure.

Easy Hairstyle Idea: Spinning

Add a modern twist to your standard cycling ponytail by creating a few sections from the nape of the neck down to the bottom of strands. This flyaway-free style will stay in place during a sweat-inducing ride and give the person behind you major hair envy too!

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Multitask by applying a hair treatment to strands in order to prep hair for the ride and look extra shiny post-shower. Use a scalp-massaging brush to create a smooth low ponytail, then create multiple sections with a few thick elastics. Pull each section out slightly with fingers for a little bit of sporty volume.