Easy Hair Ideas That Look Great At The Gym

With our fitness resolutions weighing heavily on our minds, we’ve already run out of ideas for hairstyles to wear to our next workout. Going to the gym may not be a fashion show, but it can feel like a major social scene, and showing up looking like a mess is never a good thing. Here, we’ve rounded up the prettiest (and most practical) hairstyles sure to weather a serious workout, no matter if CrossFit, spin, Pilates or some other sweat-inducing sport is on the agenda. We like our hairdos choices to be as creative and effective as our workout plans.

The Workout: CrossFit

The Hairstyle: A die-hard CrossFitter deserves a no-nonsense hairdo that keeps hair out of the face without looking lifeless. Create a deep side part and smooth hair with a strong-hold gel. Then make a diagonal French braid that starts behind the part and wraps to the opposite side. You'll look feminine and pretty despite the high-intensity, seriously sweaty class.

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Workout: Yoga

The Hairstyle: Don't get caught mid Shavasana with a bulky ponytail digging into the back of your head. Create a loose French braid down the center of your head to the nape of the neck. Then make a loose bun with the tail and secure the ends with pins.

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

The Workout: Paddleboarding

The Hairstyle: One of the most difficult things in the world is coming up with a hairstyle that looks good even after it gets wet. Part hair in the middle and grab front sections. Sweeping back and behind the ears, twist both sections and tie into a knot. Keep in place by securing the ends with a thin elastic band.

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

The Workout: Barre Class

The Hairstyle: The concept of a barre class makes us happy for 2 reasons. Firstly, it has an insane toning effect on the body, and secondly, it gives us the opportunity to channel our inner ballerina (with our hairstyle and our pliés). Part hair down the middle and separate front sections. Tease hair at the crown and smooth back into a low ponytail. Pull front sections back and wrap around elastic. Pin ends to secure.

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

The Workout: Hiking

The Hairstyle: A milkmaid braid looks great on and off the trail. Part hair down the middle and create a messy French braid on both sides. Wrap ends of braid down and around to the opposite side and pin to secure.

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

The Workout: Spin Class

The Hairstyle: While you're pedaling your heart out is not time to be fussing with your locks. Secure them tightly into a high ponytail, and tie a thin elastic band 2 inches down from the base. Keep the pony in place by pinning the thin elastic to the back of your head.

Photo: Courtesy of Cushnie et Ochs

The Workout: Pilates

The Hairstyle: Girls at Pilates always seem to look effortlessly fabulous. Go for an updated messy topknot by taking it down to the nape of the neck. Start with a low ponytail and pull hair through elastic almost to the ends to create a loop. Pull the loop through the elastic halfway to create a second loop.

Photo: Vanessa Jackman