Nail DIY: Meet The Mini-Cure

It’s Monday morning, 5 days since your last salon visit and your digits are looking less than stellar. Sadly, a much needed mani isn’t on the books till Friday. It’s an all too familiar scenario that leaves you with three options: Tough it out and hope no-one notices, invest in a pair of snazzy gloves or follow these 5 steps for an easy, at-home polish change.

Step1: Prep

Starting with clean, bare nails, get rid of any excess nail polish with a remover-soaked Q-tip.

Step 2: File

Wait for nails to be completely dry and file down to desired length. We suggest slightly rounding out the corners to mimic the shape of the cuticle.

Step 3: Nourish

No time to soak? No problem! Apply a rich cuticle cream and push back with a nail stick, then do a once over to trim unwanted hangnails.

Step 4: Polish

Apply a nutrient-rich basecoat and let dry, then brush on two coats of polish. Keep in mind that lighter shades are more forgiving than darker colors if you don’t have a super steady hand.

Step 5: Clean-up

Apply a quick-dry top-coat and dab any color overflow with a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover.