The Best Drugstore Beauty Products From Around The World

Next time you catch yourself jet-setting internationally, pop by your local drugstore to pick up one (or more) of these must-try—not to mention affordable—beauty items that can be hard to find outside of the United States. From a delectable tan enhancer that a Team Zoe staffer swears by to a tried-and-true nail hardening formula, keep these 12 cheap-thrills in mind for any globetrotting adventures on your horizon this summer.

International Beauty

Keep these cheap-thrills in mind next time you're jet-setting internationally.

Repairative Shampoo & Conditioner

A favorite from Japan, Shisiedo's mane-saving shampoo and conditioner restores shine and hydration to your locks using luxe oils from nourishing, red camellia flowers.

Rose Water

Incorporate Florence, Italy into your beauty arsenal with calming rose water. Use it as a face toner, fragrance and hair rinse—it’s extremely versatile!

Soothing Cleanser

Made for dry, sensitive skin, this soothing cleanser from France even removes waterproof makeup, which makes it ideal for summer.

Moisturizing SPF

Next time you catch yourself in Switzerland, keep your eyes peeled for Biz Buin's moisturizing suncare products.

Nail Hardener

For the manicure obsessed, this Colombian nail hardener protects nails from splitting and chipping.

Multipurpose Formula

We adore this multi-purpose moisturizer from Paris, France. Think your secret weapon for combatting dry, summer skin.

Moisturizing Soap

Get gorgeous skin (the Greek way) with Papoutsanis' moisturizing olive oil bar soap.

Wrinkle Reducer

Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness with this French anti-aging dream cream—which you can purchase in the US!

Tan Enhancer

Now available in the UK and Australia, this delectably-scented tan accelorator from Kuwait has healing and regenerative properties and is ideal for sensitive skin. Simply mix it into your SPF product of choice and await a beautiful bronze! The most innovative part about Carrot Sun is that each product contains a little bit of Henna, which lightly pigments the skin as it naturally darkens.

Anti-Aging Ampoules

Think youth in a vial! Cout d'Eclat's drugstore gems literally work like magic, lifting and tightening the complexion in one easy step... A necessary buy next time you're jet-setting to France!

Natural Eyeliner

This cult-favorite eyeliner promotes eyelash growth and soothes eyes via a combination of precious herbs from India.

Restorative Cream

Eau Thermale Avene cold cream from France's formula is calming and highly effective in curing dry skin—a true beauty staple for every season.