Twice As Nice

by The Zoe Report

Ever on a mission to update our makeup bags with the best stuff out there, when pondering a cosmetic purchase, we like to weigh our available options. Talking lips specifically, we will forever go back and forth between always-glamorous gloss and eternally ladylike lipstick. However, with our lip rouge du jour, we get to throw our typical pros-and-cons process out the window. Aptly named, today’s timeless treat is the fabulous Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipstick from Dolce & Gabbana—a versatile vile of covetable color that combines the benefits of our top two cosmetic competitors.

With its creamy color and shiny gloss finish, this posh product provides the best of both worlds. A chic creation from a makeup maven, it certainly lives up to the luxurious standards of its prevalent pedigree. Available in 26 must-have hues, this beauty sensation certainly has a shade or two that speaks to you. No need to struggle with your next cosmetic choice, just paint on Dolce & Gabbana’s two-for-one treatment and say “Muah!”

Availability: Dolce & Gabbana Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipstick ($34 each). For additional information, visit Dolceandgabbana.com.

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