The Game-Changing New Way To Buy Beauty Products

There’s a new generation of beauty brands capturing the attention of cool girls everywhere, and you won’t find them in any department store. Direct-to-consumer beauty—brands that cut out the middleman selling only through their own online and brick-and-mortar stores—might still be a niche concept, but we’re betting that as with fashion (see: Warby Parker, The Arrivals and Reformation), this trend has legs. Here, five brands leading the movement.

5 Direct-To-You Beauty Brands Changing The Game

Photo: @glossier


Focusing on chemical-free skincare and makeup (they've got 1,500 ingredients on their NO list), this LA-based brand has amassed a loyal following online. Their consultants host buying parties so consumers can see and try products in person. Also, Gwyneth is a fan.

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Emily Weiss—who studies glamorous women and their beauty routines for her site Into The Gloss—launched this skin-forward, social media-focused brand in late 2014, and it's already developed a cult following (and raised more than 10 million in venture-capital financing).

Photo: @glossier


Buying fragrance online can be tricky, but this San Francisco-based brand is hoping to change all that with their customer questionnaires (making the process more personal) and sampling model, which unburdens shoppers from a hefty financial commitment.

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Launched this month by Kal Vepuri—cofounder of direct-to-consumer outerwear brand The Arrivals—and Lauren Hoffman, a product development alum from Kiehl's, this New York-based brand focuses on makeup-skincare hybrid products at affordable prices.

Photo: @onomiebeauty


This just-launched paraben- and phthalate-free cosmetics line focuses on workhorse beauty products (i.e. the perfect red lipstick and nearly matte BB Cream) in purse-friendly sizes that won't expire before you finish using them.

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