Perfecting Pastel: Dior Trianon Spring Collection

Fall in love with Dior’s latest cosmetic collection for spring: Trianon. Featuring a range of gorgeous products fashioned in the prettiest pastel pigments, it’s a given that soft, lucid shades are a must-try beauty trend this season.

Dior’s Trianon Collection sets the stage for a new and noteworthy beauty fad to dabble in: matte and pearlescent pastels on your nails, lids and lips—which we’re totally digging! While this light and feminine trend might seem tricky to tackle, it’s anything but. Just top off your best brunch outfit or daytime look with a subtle sweep of a single color on your lids plus a barely-there mani with Dior’s pearly-pink lacquer. For evening wear, mix pastel eyeshadows for cool and covetable results. Get your credit cards ready and your complexions primed for a change; this new collection (and trend) is so hot, you’ll be lucky if you get hands on it!

Availability: Dior Trianon Spring Collection ($24-$60). For more information, visit Dior.com.

ParallelUniverseHead In The Clouds Nail PolishForever 21, $3

Style a pastel palette with a chic daytime outfit:

Statement Earrings

Pastel Sweater

Skinny Jeans

Leopard Flats

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