Bottled Beauty

by The Zoe Report

When science and skincare come together, we can always expect beautiful results—but what about wine and skincare? A luxurious serum, Dior Beauty’s new L’Or de Vie Serum consists of age-fighting ingredients straight from wine country. What can we say? After just one use, we’re total lushes for this bottled blend!

An anti-aging marvel, this formula was born when vintners from the famed French vineyard Château d’Yquem realized that ancient vines—with their extraordinary ability to improve with age—could help skin regenerate and renew its youthful glow. Featherweight to the feel and fortified with vino magic, it is the most potent blend of prescription-free antioxidants available! Just two drops of Dior’s age-defying elixir and soft, smooth skin is yours—from face to décolleté. Wine-powered and wrinkle-free? Loves!

Availability: Dior Beauty L’Or de Vie Serum ($395). For additional information, please visit Dior.com.