Cult Beauty Products We’re Obsessed With

by Stephanie Montes

Are you willing to spend two months rent on a face cream? Money can’t buy everything, but as it turns out it can buy the prettiest nails, best anti-aging products and most over-the-top eyelashes. Shop (or just gawk) the most outrageously priced beauty products on the market and decide for yourself if looking like a million bucks is worth spending just under that.

From 24k-gold eyelashes to a platinum-infused moisturizer, these luxury beauty products are by far the most expensive picks on our wish list.


This is how grown-ups do press-on nails. These engraved brass nail shields will set you back $450, not including the cost of hiring a professional to apply them. Are they practical? Not exactly, but since when did we let being practical get in the way of being fabulous?

Makeup Brushes

Even we know to invest in a good set of makeup brushes, but this collection blows ours out of the water. This 14-piece set tackles everything from application to blending, as it should with a $650 price tag.


What does 865 dollars smell like? We'll tell you: Tahitian vanilla and rose. Promising to make a woman radiate as if she were wearing a diamond necklace, this big-ticket perfume is not far off from the price of actual diamonds.

Face Cream

Platinum—the rarest element on earth—can now be applied topically to your face. This anti-aging cream puts into action advanced skin science that promises climate-activated hydration and protection of the skin’s DNA. All we know is $1,080 for a face cream is no joke.

False Lashes

The most luxury our lashes have ever experienced is a trip to the salon for a set of extensions. Looking to up your game a little? Try giving your eyes a $1,350 makeover. These 18k white gold and .2 carat diamond lashes take the windows to your soul to a whole new level.

Face Oil

With a staggering $1,500 price tag, this 24k gold-infused night elixir hydrates skin, leaving behind a radiant and youthful glow. Using this blend of essential oils improves the appearance of aging, which means you can turn back the hands of time, but it'll cost you—natch.

Wrinkle Treatment

Got 28 days and $1,520? That’s all you need to get rid of wrinkles and revitalize your skin. This at-home treatment focuses on the regeneration of skin with a four-week process. (Note: It's recommended you do it every 6 months.)


It’s no secret La Mer’s face cream has a cult following, but this superluxe option is only for the truly beauty obsessed. Promising to increase firmness and diminish wrinkles, this moisturizer comes in at a whopping 2K.