Crown Affair’s Signature Scent Will Make Hair Perfume A Non-Negotiable In Your Life

It’s really that good.

Crown Affair
Crown Affair hair perfume in hand

waterA different sort of hair accessory is gearing up to have a major moment. A far cry from preppy bows, headbands, or even hair jewelry, the latest wave of elevating extras are totally invisible to the naked eye, but make the most significant impression. At once neutralizing malodors while infusing a light, luxe scent, Crown Affair’s hair perfume, The Signature Scent, forms a halo of fresh fragrance that lingers in the hair, adding memorable, evocative dimension to your everyday beauty rituals. Just-launched by the cult-favorite brand, the perfume isn’t just a new release — it’s signaling a major trend for winter 2022 and well beyond.

If you’ve tried any best-sellers from the wider Crown Affair line, you’re already familiar with the dimensional, enveloping elements of the brand’s trademark scent. Notes of sparkling citrus add a clean-feeling burst of freshness, while bergamot and amber anchor the fragrance with a deeper, opulent edge. Now, that instantly-energizing smell is available as a spritzable hair perfume ideal for layering and refreshing, even while on-the-go. For Crown Affair founder Dianna Cohen, scent is as much part of self-care as it is an everyday beauty ritual — and her vision for the brand’s olfactory calling was a key part of its story from the very beginning.

crown affair hair perfume on natural hair

Cohen tells TZR she was focused on perfecting a signature fragrance for Crown Affair since its inception nearly three years ago. “I wanted something fresh and sparkling, but that also inspired a sense of calm, and had a sexy, cool undertone to it,” she explains. “I described it to their team to imagine what Kate Moss in Japan in the 1970s would smell and feel like — the perfect balance of effortless, fresh, and zen.” But this fragrance isn’t designed just to smell great in a vacuum, either. Cohen says it was essential that every note in the scent blended harmoniously with the body’s own fragrance, with the end result a lived-in yet luxe everyday smell that moves through the world with you rather than simply on you.

The Signature Scent is comprised of Italian bergamot, yuzu, and lemongrass at the top, which gives way to water lotus and green tea, with amber and sandalwood base notes. It’s unmistakeable rich and complex, but isn’t heady, heavy, or cloying. By keeping the notes in such a level balance, layering the hair perfume with traditional, all-over perfumes is more than just easy — experimenting with different combinations is downright fun. “It just adds a touch of romance and — however cliché —makes you feel like you want to smile,” Cohen says. “It’s what taking your time smells like.” Plus, she adds, it’s a great pick-me-up if it’s been a minute since your last wash day.

In terms of hair health nitty-gritty, Crown Affair made sure to cover all the bases. This perfume is water-based with aloe, meaning it won’t dry out strands the way traditional, alcohol-based fragrances do. Holding the nozzle a few inches away from hair to ensure even distribution, spritz as much as you’d like — depending on your hair’s porosity, you may need more or less but this is one scent that’s mercifully difficult to truly “overdo.”

Considering how much the Signature Scent feels like Cohen’s perfectly-calibrated pet project, it’s the line’s sole fragrance focus for the time being. She says she could see Crown Affair exploring others later, but she’s content to grow the brand’s existing world for now. “Crown Affair is the love affair you have with your hair,” Cohen says. “It’s special because of you and that relationship: the consistent daily practice, the time you take for yourself and your hair and the results that happen because of it. We made a scent that encapsulates that experience, and enhances it.”

Crown Affair The Signature Scent is now available.

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